Genesis Public Cloud

OpenStack Domain

  • 3.7GHz Skylake Xeon Gold processors

  • 1 to 16 CPU Core flavors

  • 1GiB to 256GiB flavors

  • Domains contain projects

  • Projects are Virtual Private Clouds

  • Shared and Dedicated CPU core options

  • c5, m5, and r5 flavors have Dedicated CPU cores

  • c5s, m5s, and r5s flavors have Shared CPU cores

  • SSD and HDD storage options

  • Provisioned IOPS NVMe SSD storage available

  • Encrypted storage at rest

  • Distributed HA routers

  • High performance HA load balancers

  • Swift and S3 compatible object storage

  • $0.005/GiB outbound data transfers

  • Linux and Windows Server images available