Our Team

Genesis Hosting Solutions has a lean, agile, and focused team with a tremendous amount of real world experience in all areas of IT including Enterprise solutions, high volume web sites, disaster recovery, compliance, management of IT teams, as well as integration with the "big 3" including AWS, Google, and Azure.

We have worked with many of the largest companies as well as some of the tiniest 1-person companies, allowing smaller companies off the ground and providing the largest companies agility while maintaining their requirements to stay secure, highly available, and focused on their business rather than their infrastructure.

Genesis has its own infrastructure, hosted in a Digital Realty facility in Chicago, but we also work with on-premise, public cloud, and private cloud system equally.  We make recommendations that make our clients' lives easier which sometimes requires using non-Genesis-hosted environments - our focus is our client.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how we can improve your feeling about hosted infrastructure or if you simply need consulting.