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TSPlus replaces the Remote Desktop Services component in Windows (the RDS service can actually be disabled) with a much more capable RDS service that is also less vulnerable to attack than Microsoft's implementation.

In addition to RDP support, TSPlus includes features such as:

  • HTML5 support for "desktop in a browser" functionality
  • RemoteApp support - including HTML5 support for RemoteApp (Web-enable any application)
  • Support for Win2012R2, 2016, and 2019 as well as desktop versions of Windows
  • Universal Printer - prints to a PDF, transmits the PDF to the client, and prints to the default printer seamlessly
  • Transporting RDP traffic over SSH instead of HTTPS
  • Web applications portal - making it a single click of an icon to start an application
  • Integration with RDS Knight to reduce attack surface for logins to RDP and HTML5 interfaces
  • Option for Two Factor Authentication
  • MUCH simpler to manage than Microsoft's RDS
  • Options for Android and iPhone client apps
  • Multiple options for authentication including Active Directory
  • Enterprise features such as load balancing, gateway portal, and application-specific redirection to specific farm members.

See the TSPlus site for more information:

Note that Remote Desktop Services CALs are still required to be licensed correctly.  Contact us about renting Remote Desktop Services CAL licensing.